austrian water

austrian water is a voluntary co-operation of various enterprises which are active on the water sector. Each enterprise is "connected" with the other members of austrian water by mutual assistance in the performance of their tasks.

The individual enterprise concentrates on its speciality and leaves the tasks where it is not so efficient to other enterprises which are specialized in these tasks. Such a co-operation depending on the strength of each enterprise overcomes individual shortcomings.

austrian water not only concentrates on Water Supply and Waste Water Disposal. The self understanding of austrian water is such that Water Management is regarded on the whole: it is embedded in a real River Basin Management, from Storm Water and Water Supply to Waste Water Disposal, including Land Use and Flood Protection, Agriculture and Irrigation, Leisure and Tourism Activities, all in a healthy environment.

austrian water strives to enhance the quality of water systems in other countries. austrian water is understood as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which will assist in case of disasters; e.g. the members of austrian water are experts in aid initiatives subsidized by the Austrian governmental authorities.

austrian water is competent in finding solutions, performing planning, achieving financial support and in performing the operation of the plants. austrian water considers the Water Management of a country as an integral part of River Basin Management, the planning of which is its ultimate aim in order to achieve a sustainable, socially affordable water and waste water industry embedded in a healthy environment.

austrian water is promoting worldwide the fact that all quality of life is depending on the Quality of Water.

Member of Boards
President: Richard Vettermann BSc.
Vice President: Peter Klein MSc.
Financial Affairs: Christian Portschy MSc.
Public Relations: Wolfgang Lindenhofer MSc.

Co-operation is our strength: